Friday, November 14, 2008



Sorry for the lack of updates but been super busy this past week. Well lets get started shall we...I'm real excited about this upcoming Awakening Retreat #20. Retreat always seems to come up around the right time or the time when you need it most, whether its to take a step back, re-evaluate your relationship with God, yourself, and others. So once again, Retreat is coming up at the right time for me. I say that because shit has been busy/crazy for me lately, just trying to finish school strong and graduate in December, workin' at FITTED, and I just started promoting with ShowOff HI, (shouts to my S.O. HI fam), but its not like I am complaining or anything, I love it, but its just going to be nice to take a weekend and chill, ya dig?! Overall, Life has been good, can't and shouldn't really complain. Everything is all good, and last night was a good night for me. So thats it with me for now, I gotta get reg for our FITTED softball game, we're going for our 3rd straight unbeaten week! And after that, come party with ya boys from ShowOff HI at Club Cirque in the Heart of Waikiki. Shit is gonna be bananas!! Promise!! Peace peace!

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