Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday  


Black Friday is the biggest retail day of the year. And for those who work in the retail business, that means probably the most work your going to have to do for the year! haha. This Black Friday, we at FITTED dropped the infamous "Shave Ice Pack" It featured 6 tonal Kamehameha hats in 6 different colors that represented different shave ice flavors. We had Orange, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Pink, & Green. We also dropped a new tee dubbed "Ho Brah!" Along with the new releases we had $10 hats and $10 & $15 tees. Overall it was a good day, tiring, but nonetheless good. Thank you to all of those who came out and copped something!

Mmm..."Shave Ice"

"Ho Brah!"

If you have some sort of OCD, then this wasn't the place for you because all the shirts kept gettin' fucked up and we were kinda going crazy! lol

The 7.5 hour line where the 1st people started to line up at 7p.m. Thanksgiving night!

What next?

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