Thursday, November 20, 2008



Tomorrow is retreat! Awakening #20, "Live, Love, Laugh & Pray" 3LP. I am excited for all those who are leading and staffing the retreat because there was a lot of hard work and there is always a lot of hard work that goes into making this retreat what it is. At the same time I am also sad because this will be my last retreat that I will be able to staff on. I am graduating in December so I won't be able to do it anymore, well, I wasn't even really to be on this one because I was Rector on the last one but Marge let me help out on this one and I am thankful and excited. I am also excited for the retreatants who will be attending this weekends retreat. I won't be blogging at all this weekend, so I ask all you or those of you who do read my blog to please pray for the success of this retreat. Peace & Blessing yall. 

"you down with 3LP! Yea you know me!"

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