Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cosmic Bowling!  


Sorry for the lack of updates, but I'm making up for it today so enjoy. Anyway, last Monday night, Young Nae & I went to check out the infamous Monday Night Cosmic Bowling at Aiea Bowl. We met up with the homies Kelsey (Danak) and Drew (The Shack). It was a cool event. Music, people all dressed up in their costumes, drank..overall is was a cool night. Enjoy some pics.

Danak x Bobby Filipino x Drew

Chris Kays of Vertical Junkies and FITTED's skate team makes the hottest Soco Lime Chick ever! lol

Some random chica Drew wanted to take a pic with so being the camera whore I am, I jumped

I even ran into my old roomate Regan. Haven't seen her in hella long probably since our 3s company Regs came as Mrs. Freddy Cruegger, is that how I  spell it?? 

There was like a never ending supply of Goose...I was so hungover Tuesday, I felt like death and Drew laughed at me along with everyone else that seen me at school that Tuesday.

What next?

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