Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Weekend...  


So lets start off with Friday night...FITTED took on Mo Runs in our "Friday Night Lights" softball league. Mo Runs has some of our good friends on that team so of course there was friendly shit talking. We 10 run ruled them, we haven't done that to any team yet and it feels good to do it against their team because we have bragging rights til next time we play. Greg hit a shot out the park, Young Nae hit the walk off homer and I hit a grand slam out the park, but the damn ump didn't count it because he said the pitch was illegal but I am counting it because I'm probably never gonna hit one  like that ever So after the game went to the club to celebrate the big W! haha.

Saturday, your boys at FITTED released the "Hano Hano" pack and it went fairly well. After I got off, me, Cuzzo & O went over to check out the Dunk Xchange. It was a little lightweight but we saw the homies from Exclusive, APB, RAH, Queens, Flip the Bird only to name a few. It could have been better and I think it will next time, so Ill be looking forward to that. Then I was off to school to go the staff retreat which went well and I am looking forward to being apart of Awakening 20 "3LP."

Today, I am currently cutting stickers at Yes it is hard work Ant & Cyle you bitches! lol..jk. Then I'm off to play ball, go to church and dinner. And hopefully "good karma" will be around.

Shouts to the homie Micah Banks for always coming thru on the club/vip tip. Much appreciated bruh, and shouts to his company SoHI. 


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