Thursday, October 16, 2008

Eventful Week  


The week was an eventful one I guess you could say. First my boy Ant was here from Frisco to do that channel race from Molokai to Oahu...hella crazy but thats what he likes to do..I really do think Ant is a island boy from the City. But heres a pic of us at 24k at the Loft.

On to was the 21st bday of Camille, my African Queen! lol.

Yes, shes my African Queen!

We had dinner at PF Changs, which by the way is like a more expensive Panda Express, but anyways, look how excited she is to get a big ass bottle of the Goose! She also looks kind of scared! ahaha

Over to the O lounge...I used my Bobby Filipino Superstar status (just kidding) and pulled like 8 people in free. It was kind of crazy, drink after drink..good fun though. 

I hope you had a good 21st Cams! Ill post more pics up later though.


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