Sunday, October 19, 2008



So again, I had a great week, my boy Ant came in from SF, Cams 21st birthday, my cousins 24th birthday everything was chill and good, but as soon as the weekend hits, my luck changes. I say luck for lack of a better word but whatever. So yesterday, or rather last night me & Young Sumo swooped up my uncle, (Afresh) from the airport and just kept it low key last night. Today before work, I took my car to the Sears auto center at the mall to change my tire, I ended up getting 4 new tires for $400 plus and I still have to fix some more shit with it...this whole real world, paying your own bill shit But hey, I got to do it, ya dig?! Its stressful but fuck, what else can I do.

And another note, its funny how you think you got someone figured out or you think you can read them, then shit just changes and your back to square one...shit amazes me. This whole weekend has me feeling...blah...

oh yea, I still have to post pics from this week so stay tuned.

What next?

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