Sunday, October 12, 2008

How quickly things change...  


I really spoke too soon about all my good karma, Like this week was good up until last night...but first Ill start with Friday. Friday night after work, Young Nae, Cuzzo, Myke, and myself went to Waikele to check out the Vans store. This was probably the only time I walked out of that store with nothing! haha..thats ok though. So after that we headed down to Genki sushi and ate and drank about umm...maybe, $45-$50 worth and only paid $20 so thank you to the lovely ladies who hooked it up. We then went back into town, talked business and then me, Young Nae, Ant, and Cyle hit up the Loft and the Shack. I didn't get home til like 4:30a.m. I had to wake up early  Saturday morning for the release our our ALOHA hats. But first I had breakfast with Cuzzo at I love Country was pretty good except for all the pictures of the body builder dudes around the OK...heres where it all changes...I just got a feeling that shit wasn't right..or the same. Me and Young Sumo went to get cut up, hit up some stores, and just chilled while we politic'd about life. I have had a lot on my mind lately. So later that night, I was on my way to Aiea so my boy can take a look at my car and what happens??? I got a flat on the middle of the freeway, so me and Young Sumo put on the spare and headed back to my house. I was bummed, pissed, and thinking, " quickly things change," my week which consisted of school, meetings, work was good, went well and then my weekend, which is a 3 day weekend by the way, was suppose to be better is pretty shitty. But the best thing so far was me, Young Sumo, Cams, Aubs, Dani and Lyss watched "Nick & Norahs infinite play list." The movie was cool, but it was just fun being out without going to the club or whatever. So tonight, is White Sunday Mass which is going to be led by the Samoan club. I'm looking forward to that. oh yea! and football game today at 3:30...I'm about to put on a show!!! haha.

Anyways, words of advice..."Patience is a Virtue." I am still trying to figure that out...

What next?

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