Monday, March 2, 2009

Photoshoot Saturday  


Saturday was a nice long day at the shop. Everyone was at the shop initially for the release of the new Aloha hat and 2 hoodies. The whole day is usually filled with chillen after the first 3 hour rush but it felt like people were at the shop the whole day and thats because people were at the shop all The homie Dylan Maddux came thru to do a little photoshoot at the shop for this portrait book he is working on about Hawaii. Had a lot of the elements, surfing/surfers, some big uces, big boys with tats on their face, scrappers, steezy city folks, hustlas, gangsters, everything. So you know I had to get myself in the photoshoot because I am tryna be famous ya dig?! hahaha. On some random notes, I really am not sure what I really gave up for lent or what I am tryna take on...I am out, I need to pray and figure out whats up. Peacers.

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