Thursday, March 12, 2009

Short & Sweet  


Whats up, I'm making this post short and sweet because I am lightweight busy. Just to update to on a few things, my sister and her fiance and my nephew is in town, so I have just been spending time with them and working and promoting, so its pretty much the same shit day after day. Oh, and my car broke down last night on my way to play basketball so that was fun! Had to tow my shit back to my house and my homie Myke was a big ass help last night. So good looking out bruh! Oh yea, the Upperclassmen website is up and running, but we're fixing a few bugs here and there but for the most part is all done! Shout out to Nene for holding the website down! Go check it out, We're official! haha. But thats it for now, I will post again real soon and have shit up like videos and pics and stuff like that. Be easy world!

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