Sunday, July 19, 2009

MY TYPE...  


I read this over at my homegirl Donna Mae's tumblr page.

"MY type is confident but not too overpowering, can compliment me in style/appearance, beautiful in a dress and heels with her hair done, but just as sexy with in jeans and a tanktop or sweats and her hair up, has a hell of a personality, needs to be able to hold a conversation, has goals for the future and knows what she wants in life, mature but still shows small glimpses of being a little kid, shares similar viewpoints/beliefs but is open to hear and listen if we don’t quite see eye to eye on certain topics, should know when it’s time to be serious vs. time to play, is there for me at all times, and more importantly has the uncanny ability to make me laugh when I’m happy/upset/sad as well as be there for me and possibly maybe even cry with me when times are rough."

I found her.

What next?

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