Monday, May 18, 2009



In the Western Conference Finals we have the Lakers against the Nuggets. This series is going to be a tough one to call but I do think it will go at least 6 games. I want to say the Nuggets because I don't like Kobe or the Lakers but Kobe is a beast but I don't think his supporting casts compares to Melo's cast of K-Mart, JR Smith, Birdman, but if the Lakers do show up to play it might be Lakers in 7.

In the East we got the Cavs and Magic. This is going to be Bron and the Cavs in 5..the most 6. I am giving Dwight and the Magic a game or two because of how well they played during the season against the Cavs. But the Finals are looking like a Kobe vs. LeBron one! And in the end, it will be King James and his court taking it all!

What next?

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