Monday, January 5, 2009

Afresh got that New New!  


So my uncle has been on his grind with his line, Afresh and he has released his newest shirts! I am very excited to see some new new from the line because it has a great concept behind them and they are dope! Be sure to check out his blog at

On a recent trip back to the bay, he has been able to get his shirts in a shop. For the fellas, he has a red tee with gold foil with term, "Heavenly Minded" as well as a black shirt with silver foil. Any Raiders or Niners fans out there, this is the shirt for you. For the ladies, he has the two very dope logo tees, a teal tee with the white logo as well as a black tee with a pink logo. And not to mention a pink tee with the gold foil print of "Heavenly Minded."

By his stripes we are logo tee in black and orange.

Young Cesco getting his model on with the newest logo tee.

Be sure and cop a shirt or two or three and support the Heavenly Movement! Peace & Blessings!

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