Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Back to the Bay!  


Yessir! I am home! I landed back in San Francisco around 10:30ish and it is cold as shit here! I was on the same flight as my homie Alex who works for HEAVYWATER magazine and who is the Dragon glasses rep. So we were chopping it up at the airport and on the plane so that was cool having one of the homies on the same flight as me. So I know I haven't really been posting lately because of this crazy past week. But now I am home and I can catch up on this whole blogging shit and I can post up some pics from this past week because I know you guys rather see pics then read what I am writing...lol.

Anyway, it still hasn't really hit me yet that I just graduated from College. I guess it will hit me when I have to wake up and go to work when everyone else is going to class, or maybe when I take my girl to school. But I am looking forward to this new chapter in my life and taking FITTED  to the next level. Its the "real world" now, whatever that means. But on some real, God has blessed me with this great opportunity coming out of school and has blessed me with hella love and support to get through school and just surrounding me with people that look out for me and I am truly thankful. 

Ok, I am going to end this here, damn...I need to get a webcam for Skype! Holla!

What next?

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